Windows 8 – Portrait Mode App-Snapping

If you’ve used Windows 8, especially on a touchscreen device, you’ve likely come to greatly appreciate the ability to snap two (or more) apps side by side.  This is one of the OS’s best differentiators but it is missing in portrait mode.  If you turn your Windows 8 device vertically you lose the ability to snap in an additional app.  It would be highly desirable to have the ability to use the device in portrait mode to read an ebook or blog for example and have your music player snapped to the top or bottom quarter of the screen with transport controls and basic info on display.  Just a thought if Microsoft had a UserVoice for Windows itself (not Windows Phone) I’d suggest this there.


Big 12 Weekend Primer

September 7, 2013 Leave a comment

This is a new weekly feature with links to the previews or storystreams from the rest of the Big 12’s games.  Hopefully I’ll get these done and posted sometime each Friday although some week’s we may have to do Thursday’s (Thanks a lot FS1).  So here’s a round-up of all the news from the teams that will lose to Baylor later this season:

Iowa State

While Iowa State is not off to a good start this year, their SBNation blog Wide Right & Natty Light continues to produce entertaining articles.  This week they have a full preview of their matchup against BYE…that’s right, they put up a preview on a bye week:  So We Meet Again, BYE


Kansas are got past BYE so they’re on to a real team this week.  The guys over at Rock Chalk Talk have a preview up for their game against South Dakota, Previewing the Jayhawks vs. The Coyotes.  That punctuation is straight from their site so apparently they really respect/fear “The” Coyotes.  Just to be clear, this is not the FCS #6 South Dakota St. Jackrabbits nor the #1 North Dakota St. that beat KSU so there’s no excuse for a loss or even a tight game here.  Hopefully the mighty Charlie Wiesians can do what their KState brethren couldn’t and get a win against a team from the Dakotas.

I’d include the opponent’s previews on their SBNation site but, not surprisingly, FCS South Dakota does not have an SBNation site, or any fan site that I could easily find.

Kansas St.

Kansas St. tries to recover this week against the Ragin’ Cajuns from ULALa (for the uninitiated that’s University of Louisiana-Lafayette but ULALa is just better so call them that).  The good folks over at Bring on the Cats have a preview up:  Week 2 Louisiana-Lafayette although the site still seems primarily concerned with figuring out what in the world happened last week.  Let’s just hope the team isn’t looking in the rearview mirror as much as their fans are as the Big 12 doesn’t need any more embarrassment from the SnyderCats.

Oddly, ULALa doesn’t have an SBNation site that I can find either.  This seems like something that the Ragin’ Cajuns should rectify if they want to be taken seriously.  This write-up from their Scout site, Cajun Red Zone was the closest thing I could find to a preview:  Keys to Cajuns Win.

[SIDE NOTE: The Kansas SBNation bloggers could use a little Natty Lite, they seem to be taking themselves way to seriously]


So here’s the first Big 12 matchup of the season, I’ll only cover the OU side of things here.  It’d be nice if the guys at Crimson & Cream Machine made use of storystreams like OurDailyBears and VivaTheMatadors but they don’t so here’s a litany of links on this week’s game:

The folks at Crimson & Cream seem pretty excited about their team and you can’t blame them after shutting out what we thought would be a better-than-decent ULM team.  As the Holgorsen article alludes though, there are still some questions about the Sooners offense and this game should provide some answers.

Oklahoma St.

Over at Cowboys Ride for Free they’ve got a brief preview: UT San Antonio Preview, Players to Watch.  They seem to be taking UTSA very lightly there, I don’t know if they ought to be that confident coming off of their win over Mississippi St. but hopefully they roll.  Anytime the Big 12 blows out a non-conference foe it’s good.


Texas steps up the competition this week although BYU didn’t impress last week with an opening loss to Virginia.  The guys at Burnt Orange Nation have a bunch of articles up and like the Crimson & Cream Machine, they weren’t nice enough to storystream them so here’s a bunch of links:

This will show us whether Texas’s offense is actually improved or not.

The guys over at Vanquish the Foe have a preview of their own up: What you need to know about BYU vs. Texas along with a game day take:  Game Day: reason for hope against texas (the capitalization is theirs, not mine 🙂


Frogs O’ War got their preview up early this week: Southeastern Louisiana Lions: Preview.  They don’t seem concerned about the mighty Lions and I can’t argue with them but if they don’t figure out their quarterback situation during their non-conference slate they’re going to be in trouble once conference rolls around.

Texas Tech

Viva the Matadors is the only other Big 12 site that understands how to use story streams, thanks guys!  Here’s theirs for this week:  SFA Lumberjacks vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders.  Lots of good stuff there and this should continue to build the legacy of Baker Mayfield.

West Virginia

The Smoking Musket has a preview up of their matchup with the Sooners:  West Virginia Mountaineers vs. Oklahoma Sooners Preview.  This could be really ugly for WVU…it doesn’t look good.

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WordPress: Get post thumbnail image function

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

So I’ve been using the bdw_get_images function (thanks to John Crenshaw and RLM Web Design & Marketing) for a couple of years to generate thumbnails on the index, and sometimes the archives & search results, pages.  Recently I got a call from a client that they had inserted an image into a post but it was not displaying.  Upon further investigation I found that the image that was attached to the post in question had originally been attached to another page.  Since bdw_get_images pulls images by looking for an attachment whose post_parent is the current post and since post_parent is only set for attachments when they are first added, this caused it not to find the image.  I decided it was time I wrote a newer function that would work regardless of whether the image was attached to any other posts.  At some point I think I’ll develop this into a legitimate plug-in with some additional options but here is a basic function you can add to your functions.php file in your theme.

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Microsoft Surface Pro will be a Major Success … but you’ll never guess why I think so

January 14, 2013 1 comment

So lots of sites are reporting on their initial impressions of the Surface Pro following a limited press hands-on event at a hotel suite in Vegas while CES was going on this week.  By a lot I mean just about every major tech blog/site.  Here’s a few I rounded up:

All of these reviews tend to be positive takes on the device.  Much is left to be seen (battery life, performance comparisons, etc.) but I think it is safe to say that this device has a chance of becoming a major success.  I base this primarily on one seemingly contradictory reason – negative comments.

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SC Magazine changes their E-Mail Policies

I just received the e-mail below from SC Magazine’s parent company, Haymarket Media, in which they inform me that they are now going to send me promotional e-mails from their “business partners”.  If I had simply deleted the e-mail, as I was tempted to, without reading it then this change in my preferences would’ve been made with no interaction on my behalf.  Thankfully, I read the irritating e-mail and went to their site to “opt-out” of “receiving  any further information or offers that [SC Magazine] send[s] on their behalf.”

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Job Interviews & Social Networks

March 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Job Interviews & Social NetworksThere are numerous reports (here and here) out over the last few days condemning employers for asking interviewees to log into Facebook so that the interviewer can peruse their social networking activities or in some cases interviewers are outright asking for interviewee’s Facebook username and password.  Facebook for it’s part is condemning the practice in a recent post on the Facebook Privacy page.  Legislation is being proposed in Maryland and Illinois to ban the practice in those states and now Senator Richard Blumenthal (D – Conn.) is telling the Politico that he is writing a bill to ban it at the federal level.

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Apple iPhone 4S, Siri, and the Magic of Apple Marketing

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

At this point can we all agree that:

A)  Apple’s marketing prowess is second to none


B)  If it wasn’t the iPhone 4S would’ve been a huge flop?

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