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SC Magazine changes their E-Mail Policies

I just received the e-mail below from SC Magazine’s parent company, Haymarket Media, in which they inform me that they are now going to send me promotional e-mails from their “business partners”.  If I had simply deleted the e-mail, as I was tempted to, without reading it then this change in my preferences would’ve been made with no interaction on my behalf.  Thankfully, I read the irritating e-mail and went to their site to “opt-out” of “receiving  any further information or offers that [SC Magazine] send[s] on their behalf.”

While the practice of using your site’s database of users to send out marketing materials on the behalf of “business partners” is not an uncommon means of monetizing websites today, I find it very disappointing that a magazine and website supposedly intended for “IT Security Professionals” would not only choose to engage in this practice but to retroactively change users’ accounts to allow it with out seeking their permission.  What they are doing is giving users the option to say no which is better than nothing but not by much.  I believe that I’ll be cutting my ties to their publication, loose as they may have been and seeking out another source for IT Security Professionals’ news.

SC Magazine's E-Mail about the attempted change to my preferences

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